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"Vision Eye Institute Chatswood offers a comprehensive range of ophthalmic services. Our clinical team is led by internationally recognised specialists in laser eye surgery, refractive lens exchange, laser cataract surgery, corneal conditions, glaucoma and retinal conditions to name a few. Several of our doctors are pioneers in the field of laser eye surgery in Australia and, over the past 20 years, we have helped correct vision for more than 50,000 patients.Surgical and vision correction procedures are performed on-site at our co-located day surgery and laser suite.Our doctor partners are:Prof Colin ChanDr Simon ChenDr Jeff FriedrichDr Rushmia KarimA/Prof Michael LawlessDr David NgA/Prof Tim RobertsProf Gerard Sutton"
Address: 3/270 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia
Phone: (02) 8318 3800
State: New South Wales
City: Chatswood
Zip Code: 2067

Opening Hours

Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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Amazing service from Dr Sutton and all of his staff members! Thank you so much. They are highly professional every step of the way. I’ve just had my 2 weeks post surgery follow up with Dr Ibrahim and has confirmed 20/20 vision.
I had an appointment at Vision Eye clinic last month, all the staff are very nice and kind to serve each patient, the optometrist is very detailed oriented to guide me through each check up and I’d highly like to recommend Dr. Chan, I didn’t end up doing my eye laser surgery because of my eye condition , but I’m really appreciated of his genuine advice and suggestions. And the Eye drops doctor Chan gave me , it makes my vision improves a lot! Will keep coming back again for the follow check up in the future !
Would not recommend attending this medical practice or being referred here. You have to book months in advance to see a doctor. I had a 9.15am appointment and didn’t see the doctor until 11.15am and watched patients that arrived after me see the doctor first. Impractical for those that work a 9-5 job, you would need to take at least half a day off for these appointments because having a booking doesn’t guarantee your time slot. When I saw the doctor, he looked at my eye for less than a minute to then tell me he had no recommendations and didn’t know why my eyes had the particular condition. I spent $310 to see the doctor for 5 minutes and to sit in their waiting room for 2 hours.
Conclusion: I appreciate their effort, the team at the eye institute were professional, friendly, and got most of the problem resolved with my case. They didn’t rush but also didn’t have me waiting too long. Unfortunately missed some chalazions in eyelid that was operated on. Won’t be going back. ——————————— The staff and Doctors were fantastic. I went in for chalazion removal as I had several on each bottom eyelid. I was first taken in for an eye test/evaluation to make sure it had not affected my vision, then I was handed off to the Doctor. The wait wasn’t too long, with it being busy that day they were in and out of different patients rooms quite often. They eventually got to me and my Doctor introduced himself, noticed the obvious chalazions on my eyelids and diagnosed my problem. I was given the choice to operate on one eyelid that day and get rid of them, or to just go home and treat it with a warm compress, with a smaller chance of success, otherwise it could take 1 year+ to go away itself. They could only operate on one eyelid at a time as it would bleed and require an eye patch, so I chose the left eye and they went ahead to prepare for surgery. The surgery didn’t take very long, the longest wait was for the anaesthetic to kick in, but the nurse and doctor had incredible bedside manner and both checked on me multiple times while we waited. I do wish they had taken a little more time with the surgery as unfortunately they missed two chalazions in that eyelid so it still looks inflamed even a month later. Though they did let me know that I had the most chalazions they had seen on one patient in a long time, as they removed 3 large ones from the left eyelid, 2 were missed and they guessed atleast 4 would be in the other eyelid. I won’t be going back for removal of the other side but will continue at-home treatment as suggested by my doctor.
Just had my LASIK today done by Prof Sutton. Excellent professional care delivered throughout! Gerard is clearly the original leader in this field with excellent bedside manner with the most up to date facilities. He has employed an excellent team to support him that are extremely efficient and knowledgeable. I have 20/20 vision 3 hours after the procedure with just dry gritty eyes which is very temporary and quickly subside. For all of those having reservations of laser eye surgery, Gerard and his team will no doubt quickly put them to rest. I could not recommend this place more!
I recently had laser eye surgery with Professor Gerard Sutton and wouldn't want anyone else as my surgeon. I've worn glasses full time for 18 years and cannot believe I have 20/20 vision with no more glasses. From start to finish I felt in safe hands thanks to Professor Gerard Sutton and the team at Vision Eye Institute who were friendly and helpful. Forever grateful and so happy to begin a new chapter
Coming here cause Lim, Translating for my mom when visiting doctor. Making my mom feel safe and not anxious cause the language barrier, also the doctor David Ng is friendly and analysis what we should do what we can’t do and what we don’t need to do making us very clear for all stuffs highly recommended.
About a year ago I had corrective laser eye surgery. My right eye was operated on first with what felt like very aggressive and painful day surgery. In spite of several follow up appointments, I felt fobbed off with eye drops for a possible infection/dry eye and assurances that my eye would heal in time. My eye is still painful every day and aches. It keeps me awake at night and is always scratchy. Surgery on my left eye was much more straightforward but in my experience, the anaesthetist allocated to me was bullying and thuggish. Going through the process at The Vision Eye Institute, I felt unheard and an inconvenience to the conveyor-like process. The discomfort I feel every day makes me wish I’d never had this surgery.
If you are thinking about laser correction then i strongly suggest you go with Dr Sutton and the team at VEI Chatswood. I was very short sighted and had started having trouble up close as well and now have excellent vision that doesn't require glasses at all anymore! From the start Dr Sutton's calm and confident manner was very reassuring as i found the concept of laser correction quite daunting.And for someone so achieved in his field he is amazingly humble, courteous and patient. Dr Sutton outlined the procedure and the recovery in great detail which i appreciated immensely and my recovery was exactly as he said,brief and relatively pain free. i didn't need the pain killer i took home I cannot express how thankful i am to him for the massive improvement in my life that his expertise and professionalism has given me and my family. And make the time to read his and Dr Lawless' book.The back story on laser correction is very interesting,but the back story on Dr Sutton is something anyone "starting out" at any age should read. The words dedication and determination aren't nearly enough to sum it up. Many many thanks and regards Dean Oakey
I had SMILE surgery with Dr Gerard Sutton 3 weeks ago and the result so far is excellent. I'm still in the healing process but so far, I can see things very clearly. The staff at VEI Chatswood was so kind and professional, and Dr Sutton was so friendly and caring. He talked to me throughout the procedure in a very calm and warm manner which made the whole process very comfortable and straightforward. The entire experience was so amazing and I highly recommend it. Thank you Dr Sutton and the whole VEI team.
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Reviews, get directions and contact details Vision Eye Institute Chatswood.

Chatswood optometrist (eye doctor)

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