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Wicked Campers
Address: 320 Botany Rd, Sydney NSW 2019, Australia
Phone: 1800 246 869
State: New South Wales
City: Sydney
Zip Code: 2019

Opening Hours

Monday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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My worst rental experience ever!!! We rent a van with unlimited mileage and fully coverage. Nothing matters we need to take of the entire extra expenses (additional car rental, hotels…) after we were told they will cover them. The best way to iron out you holidays!!! It's a pitty you need to rate it with one star
1 7 years ago (04-03-2018)
Due to our rental with Wicked camper rental, I had one of my worst holiday experiences so far. Let me go through it so I can explain step by step… the car was always water and oil checked two times a day. At first when we saw the vehicle we ask the man who gave it, if the car will be able to stand the unlimited we paid for 10 days. The guy told me it will be fine… this were his words. On the second day, the car started to stop suddenly without any advice the temperature indicators didn’t work and smoke was coming out of the air conditioner. We arrived to the campsite and we call the emergency number, which as it happens during all trip didn’t answer on the first call, we need to call it twice at least. On the second call Jack the roadside assistance answer in a very polite manner and ask us to stay at the campsite overnight over there and the mechanic will be here at 7 am on the next day, because he will be leaving from his city at 1 am. We called him at 1:30 pm On the next morning we had to call him twice because the mechanic it wasn’t there, (remember on the first call they never answer) That’s were our nightmare started, when we called him he started by saying that he called the manager of the campsite letting him know that the mechanic will be not able to make it at 7 am. We wait until 12 am and they didn’t know where the mechanic was, every time that we call him he kept on saying in 1 hour he will be there, tired than waiting without any good prospects because the guy was obviously lying all the time to us, and the conversation started to go to the wrong way. We manage to find a mechanic by ourselves he told us that was a lack of coolen in the radiator we add some more and we make sure there was not a leak or what so ever. On the next two days the car worked properly… On the 3rd day we realize that the car deposit was leaking once it was full, as you can see in the image we need to manage something in our own in spite of we paid the full insurance package with them… so far we don’t know what it is, and what it stands for. Two days after the car started to stop at the highway, any of the two the temperature meters that were in the car didn’t work and were showing normal numbers. In the middle of nowhere we called the emergency number, roadside assistance or just say Jack. In the first time he started yelling at us and hangs up because we didn’t wait for more than 24h a guy that never come and hang up the phone… It was very sad because that’s not the type of service any customer reserves and less than an emergency number. Let me put you an example, if I had an accident in the highway due to the car is overheating and the meters are not working, what I’m supposed to do, call Jack. Once he hang up the phone it was getting dark in a bad area, we manage to cold the car down and make a drive to a hotel… From there we try to call any of the contacts that we had, no one answer. So we start to chat with Australia in an internet shop, we stay over two hours to make sure what were the steps to follow, no one gave us a call at any time and we try to reach the emergency number in more than 7 occasions. The guy from the chat in Australia told us that a mechanic will be coming in the morning. The mechanic came with some delay, which after all the time we lost is not a big deal and told us that as we knew the car engine was not properly cooled, and they need to take the car for more than two days…we booked the car for only 10 days with unlimited mileage. In conclusion, we lost 3 days of our holidays we miss places that we will not visit. We didn’t get paid for anything hotels reservations, new hotels booked, activities being booked in advance, and so far we are only waiting if they will reimburse to us the car substitutions that we need to take when the mechanic told us what we already knew. They told us they would pay us the expenses and never did. It’s a shame.
1 7 years ago (04-03-2018)
We had a great time with our wicked campervan! It was very new and easy to drive. We had no problems at all. The only thing was that the windows had no curtains. They were blinded but you could still look through them very easily. Next time we will hire again with wicked campers
4 7 years ago (03-01-2018)
We've lived in our little wicked van for a week now and it's been unreal - everything you need for an unforgettable Aussie road trip. Lots of storage room and the little kitchen unit also lets you save money on eating out. Queens of the storage themed graffiti is sick too :D
5 7 years ago (20-12-2017)
Sexist inappropriate company who thinks it’s funny to rent vehicles with graffiti on them condoning rape. Nice one numbskulls. Don’t rent these unless you want your vehicle trashed and abused whilst driving around Australia.
1 7 years ago (04-02-2018)
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