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The Alfred Centre
Address: 99 Commercial Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
Phone: (03) 9076 0200
State: Victoria
City: Melbourne
Zip Code: 3004

Gastroscopy appointment 9am yesterday. I was on time Fast from midnight. Sat there In the robes and garb till 13:30 before I got into theatre. 10am patients come and gone, 11am patients come and gone. 4.5 hours waiting. No food no water thumping migraine. They couldn't organise a happy ending in a brothel. Great nurses terrible management. No care for patients at all.
The hospital staff is very nice. What is worth complaining about is that the hospital registration management system is very rubbish. Because of my condition, they agreed to have me do a gastroscopy review in 3 years, but 6 years have passed and there is no definite news. About a year ago, they sent me a registration form, and I filled it out very carefully and mailed it back. But almost a year has passed, and there is no news. There must be something wrong with the system!
Fantastic staff, especially two nurses in particular, Anna, whose wonderful sense of humour made my partners short stay at the Alfred more durable, and the very efficient and personable Monica
Do not go here If you have an emergency. Made us wait almost 5 hours before we told them we wanted to leave. The nurses were also extremely rude. Choose another hospital
Drove 3 hours for an appointment at 9:30am, checked into my appointment and sat for 2 plus hours for an appointment that didn't exist. They couldn't seem to figure it out and give me clear answers, apparently there was an appointment but it was cancelled and re-scheduled. I asked how does their system allow you to check in someone to a cancelled appointment? They couldn't answer me. The doctors I was meant to see are only ever there on Friday, this appointment was a Wednesday. I asked why wasn't it picked up that the doctor wasn't there, so why would I be asked to wait for the appointment? After nearly 6 hours of pain sitting I was in tears trying to figure out what had happened. This was when the reception staff became very rude. They refused to provide their first names. They refused to answer my questions and while I was crying upset in pain they then manipulated me by accusing me of being 'abusive'. I didn't raise my voice, I didn't swear, I didn't do anything of a sort except for ask what was going on while in tears. I ended up on the floor in the waiting room due to the pain. The reception then said because I had said 'why did you check me in when there wasn't an appointment' had made the receptionist cry. She then said how could I speak to 'a little girl' like that referring to the original receptionist. I said she's an adult working in a professional environment and I was trying to ask & understand how their computer system can allow them to check someone into an appointment with a doctor that isn't even there. It was extremely offensive to me to completely fabricate the conversation into something it wasn't. It also showed they had zero empathy for myself because while upset they attempted to make me feel even worse. This extremely poor customer relations in a hospital setting is appalling. I was made to feel that my feeling weren't valid and only theirs, when I was the one whom drove 3 hours and sat for over 2 hours waiting. Reception did not once check on me, it was a nurse I believe that eventually asked who I was waiting for. The reception staff took zero responsibility. They spoke over me, refused to answer questions such as who their manager was, what their names were or even clarify what had happened. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. I will not be going to this hospital again and I'd put money on it my complaint will do nothing. I'm also out of pocket petrol driving 6 plus hours and parking. But how dare I be upset?nnPS. In my opinion, it's pretty insulting to call a fellow work college a 'little girl', but then I do realise that it was said in an attempt to make me even more upset. Well they succeeded, I cried the whole drive home. All 3 hours.
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Directions to The Alfred Centre with public transportation

Alfred Hospital/Punt Rd (South Yarra) 30 meters
Punt Rd/Commercial Rd (South Yarra) 50 meters
27-Punt Rd/Commercial Rd (South Yarra) 70 meters
27-Punt Rd/Commercial Rd (Prahran) 70 meters
Commercial Rd/Punt Rd (South Yarra) 110 meters

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