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Address: 140 Oxford St , Bulimba 4171, QLD, AU
Phone: 13 11 55
State: QLD
City: Bulimba
Zip Code: 4171

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I have a monthly insurance I pay through Suncorp and I DO NOT RECOMMEND, they will take more than one payment out a month. I manually paid over the phone and then they have taken 4+ payments out in the last month leaving me in negative in my bank account. They don’t care if they cause financial hardship for customers and will only offer phone services or just tell you to wait until your money is back in your bank account even though they should offer compensation because they have made a mistake. I will never go with Suncorp again.
Took out Home and Contents Insurance with Suncorp for +/- $ 157 p.m. I have been with them 1 year and my renwal has just come through. They have hiked my premium nearly 50 % in 12 months. When asking for an explanation, some poor call centre slave directed me to their 'risk' section in their policy documentation. No further explanation offered. Wear it or Naff Off. Well i choose the latter, and even after telling them me Super and Life Cover would follow suit, they shoqed zero interest. Clearly they believe they are to big to fail. So so typical of modern day Businesses that have been allowed to get to big.
Friendly and helpful staff if you can be bothered to wait on the phone for up to 2 hours. No update while waiting of how much longer, or opportunity for a callback. Will be going to RACQ when my policy is next due.
*This review had been removed !...*So a very elderly lady gets refused the insurance cover on a single house item when she has been with Apia/Suncorp for years and years but she also has to pay $100 out of her bank before the application was even looked at, then after 10 days later she was refused because it wasn't the right part of the appliance that they will cover, it stopped working but we dont cover "that part inside" ?? so it was a "No we are not going to cover the $200+ appliance" and then 8 days later she "gets a $100 cheque from Suncorp in the mail" ?? A CHEQUE sent back as the refusal ? she has to get that cheque into a bank when she is so frail because Suncorp are so "prehistoric" and cant return it to her bank, I mean even Coles & Woolies can do it on the spot, her bank is miles and miles away, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING, that is just so WRONG a cheque and its 2023 !!!! you are happy to take out of her bank but send her a CHEQUE ???? really. SO WRONG, and it's RUDE and shows you have no care for some one so old. WHAT AN INSULT. As an aged care worker I am so not impressed with that, YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR 1970s ways, some one so old shouldn't be sent to put a cheque in the bank when it is struggle and put her in a situation that could be a FALLS RISK !! So angry she was treated like that and that is your policy, disgusting behaviour !!
Hopeless service. They don’t know how to follow up a claim. What is your india based claims team doing? 3 weeks is far too long to get my car claim approved.
I had a car accident & I have to say Suncorp Insurance were just the best ever - took all the stress out of a very stressful situation! Phone operator was just wonderful after making sure I was alright & did claim over the phone, called Tow truck & then arranged car hire as all this was on my policy. I am so so impressed with their efficiency & manner that words can't convey my feelings. They have kept in touch regarding my car & I really do have to praise them to the highest degree.
My car was in a car accident on 21/9/2022 and I haven’t had any rest until now. I called the customer service. The attitude is very bad and the processing speed is very slow. Now there is no response at all.
I have insured 2 homes, 3 cars, all my 3rd party for over 6 years with Suncorp and now recently, my Super fund. In the initial contact with Suncorp, I advised the consultant I lived in a riverfront home with a pontoon. They did not advised me at that point in the query that the pontoon was not covered in my policy...until I put in a claim after 6 years. Suncorp just sent me the fine print highlighted in yellow to say they will not cover for damage and loss of the pontoon. I am cancelling all my policies with Suncorp. They will not have any business from me moving forward. Also the insurance premiums for all my policies has increased by a clearly high value each year over the last 6 years. I will also change my Super to another fund. I have been loyal for so many years to Suncorp thinking that they will honor my loyalty and home and contents which I think my pontoon falls under. I have paid ten of thousands of dollars over 6 years and now have no pontoon and Suncorp have done nothing about it except for sending the fine print. Disgusted with their service and behaviour to a very loyal customer. I would recommend that customers look to another insurer especially as Suncorp remained silent when you advised them you have assets that they will not cover in your home and contents.
Waited on hold 1 hour got disconnected Called again still on hold after 1.5 hours I want to withdraw a claim due an error can’t do it online As it’s exisiting claim there is no call wait time estimates or call back options people don’t have this kind of time to wait around Upgrade your online options or fix your call queues one or the other
Called twice during normal business hours on two separate days. Gave up only after 15 mins of waiting. No indication of how long wait would be. If they can’t answer their phone they’re not ready to do business. Cheerio Suncorp.
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