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"At Pizza Hut Beenleigh, we offer CONTACTLESS pick up and CONTACTLESS delivery in Beenleigh and surrounding suburbs so you feel safe. Our pizza crusts include Original Pan, Traditional, Thin n Crispy, Cheesy Stuffed Crust, and Gluten Free bases. We also have a new exclusive Vegan pizza range in the menu. Enjoy Personal Pan meal deals, and bigger sharing offers and combos with your favourite brands such as WingStreet Chicken Wings, HERSHEY’s, Ben and Jerrys, and Coca Cola. We’re now offering a brand new Pizza Hut pasta menu with 4 authentic homestyle pasta recipes all available for CONTACTLESS delivery to your home, and CONTACTLESS collection in Beenleigh."
Address: George St , Beenleigh 4207, QLD, AU
Phone: 1300 749 924
State: QLD
City: Beenleigh
Zip Code: 4207

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:00-23:05
Tuesday: 11:00-23:05
Wednesday: 11:00-23:05
Thursday: 11:00-12:00
Friday: 11:00-12:00
Saturday: 11:00-12:00
Sunday: 11:00-23:00

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Ew what nasty attitude from the stuff at this place. Terrible customer service all cause the girl couldn’t put the address in properly, I told her politely it was a unit and she might of gone to the other unit over but she proceeded to say “No I went there and they said it’s not their order” with attitude… like???? Girl go to the next units over. Like there was no need for her rude tone and nasty faces she was pulling all cause she has no sense. Won’t ever be ordering from this Pizza Hut again. Do better
Ordered dinner last night. I mean these pizzas are amazing. Soft delish heaps of toppings. The crust is to die for. The delivernwas quick and pizzas were encredably hot. Well done will be ordering pizzahut from now on. 4 pizzas 4 sides $45 Delivered!! Can't go wrong with the deals feeds us forthe next few days. Mmmm.... love it keep up the great work guys don't ever change.
The food here is ALWAYS great! They put the Domino's down the road to shame. They are very timely, the pizzas are so consistent and fresh, even against other Pizza Hut stores this one is the go to for us. You always know you are going to get good food, it's not "rolling the dice" like it is with their competitors.
This guy here refused to give me my order received from uber eats so that i may deliver it to a very hungry customer claiming that I didn't have a bag which I clearly do he refused to hand over the food forcing the customer to get even more hungry and frustrated thankfully the customer understood that it is by no means my fault however wouldn't recommend the service at this store. P.S it also states that uber drivers are not required to have insulated bags however I do use one anyway as I know what it's like having cold food.
Orders 2 x med margarita i was absolutely disgusted,bthey were over cooked so so dry very tasteless . I honestly can say i would have had nicer pizzas if I bought a $3 aldis pizzaI was very surprised for pizza hut that happening I would never shop at that store again it was absolutely discusting
Ordered the 4 and 4 meal combo only got 3 pizzas and when I tried calling there was no answer and never called back, so now I'm out of pocket, I won't be ordering from them again
I wanted to get two personal pan pizzas from Beenleigh Pizza Hut. I checked online to see if they were open and it said they were. I arrived to find the place dark with the doors slightly open. Anyway I went in there hesitantly and a clerk appeared. He seemed shocked to see me and looked really sleepy. I told him my order that I wanted two personal pan pizzas he proceeded to tell me they were not selling them anymore I asked why and he said just because they don’t. I knew he was wrong and rang and picked up two personal pizzas at Pizza Hut Waterford. Don’t waste your time with this place they don’t want your business no matter how small.. so disappointed
I tap on the EFTPOS machine but I didn't know that it didn't tap properly. The lady who was serving me got very rude to me and put the blame on me that my intention was not to pay money and I don't want to pay money and started arguing with me. So Iwas waiting outside of the store for my order and she came outside and put those blame on me and make scene out of that. She could have tell me polite for do the payment again. This definitely I don't expect from a reputable brand like pizza hut. And unfortunately before I will not going to get answer from you guys you will definitely loos your customer.
I placed my order at Beenleigh Pizza Hut. The manager calls me to ask if I have paid for my order. I reply most definately, sounded like the manager was confused. The delivery guy requested that he see my bank statement before he hands my pizza that I paid for over. I showed him confidential information. How unprofessional Pizza hut. I will never return as a customner
Haven't had Pizza Hut gor ages..was great.
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Reviews, get directions and contact details Pizza Hut.

Beenleigh takeaway & fast food

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