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Address: 175 Pitt St , Sydney 2000, NSW, AU
Phone: 1300 557 799
State: NSW
City: Sydney
Zip Code: 2000

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Spacious and simple, this gym has all the essentials. The equipment is modern and so well maintained that it’s probably one of the cleanest gyms I’ve ever trained in. It’s never been busy even during peak hours and the staff members are generally pretty attentive and friendly. Plus the lighting is great for admiring yourself in see attached photos. If you’re looking for a quiet gym with plenty of space, this one’s for you.
It’s a nice gym. Has the minimum. Upstairs is cardio and well equipped. Downstairs offers what you need. I had a membership there for 9 months, either the sauna wasn’t working or the steam room. Renovation took ages. Showers are OK. Lockers - some don’t work. I used to go on weekends morning, occasionally lunch time - definitely not busy / crowded like some gyms in the city. Customer service was good. I don’t remember them being unfriendly nor rude. Not sure about the other reviews.
I enjoyed visiting this gym, the facilities were pretty good and I liked the range of equipment. Although it is smaller than other Fitness Firsts in the area, it was enough to get a good session in and not overly crowded. Some of the equipment needs a bit of a refresh, particularly those with rubber handles where there is a bit of wear and tear. I am interested to come back and use the small pool. It looks like a good getaway from the bustling city. The only thing that I didn't really like was the staff member at the front. It was my first time visiting, so I wasn't sure where the change rooms were and when asked they didn't seem inclined to help.
The most appalling and disingenuous institution I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I signed a 12 month platinum contract on 19/11/2021, and expected the contract to end at the end of the 52 week term which is detailed in the contract. Went into the gym and spoke to a team member a month before my contract was supposed to terminate- just confirming that there was no other action that needed to be taken. He said that it would terminate automatically, and I naively took his word for it. Come a year and 4 months later, I am still being charged for this membership. Just got off the phone with another member of the team today, who when I raised my issue told me there was “no evidence that I wanted my contract to terminate” and that if I attempted to block the direct debits from my account, or cancel my card, I would be met with debt collectors. Turns out i was signed up to another 12 month contract without my knowing, with no contract or correspondence sent to me. Please avoid at all costs.
The female changing room smells bad . Toilets were dirty. Showers rooms do not seem to be cleaned daily. No disinfectant rolls . No one bothered to replace. The rubbish bin and swim wear dryer are rusty. It was way better 10 years ago when it was owned by Hilton. I am not sure whether I wanna continue my membership in future.
Pretty good not overcrowded gym, well equipped, excellent spa zone with saunassteam and dry with stars on the ceiling and jacuzzi, friendly staff, free towels, free shampoo, free lockers, swimming pool. Pretty clean is everywhere. Minuses are saunas equipment not new but you can pour water on it to warm up.
There was literally a swarm of bugs crawling in the ceiling while you shower... the vent was also incredibly dirty, overall just didn't have much confidence on the sanitary standards of the gym. Asked to cancel because of this and still had to pay a lot in break-free fees... I think such an unsanitary environment should be reason enough to cancel without any fees to be honest. They also don't seem to understand the problem - it's not just that the bugs are there, but that the standard is low enough that they allowed it to get to that point... just killing the bugs now doesn't fix that.
Oh man, I really don't know how many stars I should give.. But not many, that's for sure. The front desk is awful. Extremely inconsistent costumer service has not changed since 2014 when I was member @George St Mostly negative. Still after the money only and very pushy with little to no interest in fitness, working out or generally no interest in the costumer really. Has a sauna and a steam room and a pool. The gym is very disgusting from the changing room, showers and toilets which are as disgusting as it gets to the gym ground itself where people generally don't seem to care much about hygiene + staff don't seem to care either. Equipment is overall modern and acceptable but would still expect a little more for the dollars spent. I am with Anytime Fitness now and very very happy. If you don't care about a 25m pool, sauna and steam room which are quite nice after a good workout actually I would recommend you go elsewhere. Dan
I had my locker broken into last August 2, 2022 at the Pitt Street Branch. No one bothered to contact me at anytime to ascertain my identity . NO CCTV footage can be given to the police by Fitness First. Fitness First did not even reach out to contact me for any possible updates as to why that was so or what was happening for that matter. The only time I heard from Fitness First was when they were asking for updates to my payment. And I could not make that payment because my credit cards were also stolen that day. Please expect the poorest of security from this branch as any one can simply walk in and out of the building - including the locker and swimming pool areas. They will not check your identity. Please be warned that I am not the only person to have my stuff stolen at this branch. Please don't expect any care from the management or the company Fitness First.
Not bad, not a huge weights area but enough to get the necessary in. Pool, sauna and steam rooms good to relax in after. Except 1 of the 4 is usually out of order.
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