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Downing Centre Courts
Address: 143-147 Liverpool Street , Sydney 2000, NSW, AU
Phone: (02) 9287 7063
State: NSW
City: Sydney
Zip Code: 2000

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One of the best and favourite place to visit.
If you yell at your wife, once, judges hand out an AVO. The Magistrates are supposed to give a hearing so you can explain something like "I wasnt in the country that day". Instead expect 2 minutes at very best. Most of these Magistrates graduated atthe bottom of our over crowded law schools. These luvvies dont bother to follow the law so neither should you
Welcome to Hogwarts. There's lots of loot in defending petty crime, and there's nothing magical about this lot. Barristers or the legal profession as a whole are not, wise, clever or just men. They are just men, harbouring a large degree of smuggness. Who hide beneath their white tattered wigs and surround themselves in black dishevelled robes, looking very much like Rastafarians. Haile Selassie would be very proud? They play a puerile game. But behave like demagogues,posturing and posing that result from endless days of boredom; And so to alleviate that boredom, play with yours, and mine prejudices and desires. But later renege on those promises by applying rational arguments. Or what you and I believe to be the letter of the law. And so you ask yourself, who does the law protect? Actually the law protects the law and it's so easy for those in charge to hide behind that thin curtain. The laws themselves were a created vision and were not created for the common man. I have recently attended a court hearing at DCLC Downing Centre Local Courtfilled with gentlemen, living in the 18th Century,wearing tattered white wigs and dishevelled black robes donning and doffing to each other, disguising an all knowing smirk. Suddenly you become very uncomfortable as you quickly realise those smirks hide an imbalance of power along with a greed these greedy men covert. Soon you realise a long established game is being played out; And that endgame has already been predetermined. [The result is not even close to what you've imagined it to be]? These men and women are not practising law as they are supposedly, supposed to do, but sticking to a well rehearsed and praticed agenda?---- and slowly but surely you become aware, in the confines of that Courtroom, it's all just window dressing, provided not for your entertainment but their amusement? And so there's very little effort on their part. It's just a well rehearsed pantomime [and they have the nerve to call it practising law."Ha"! Who in reality, make little or no effort, playing their part in this puerile game, at arms length, that pose little or no risk to them! They are content in the knowledge they are safe, as the leading player's in this pantomime are on their side. ------ So those men and women, who have been given a free hand in running the judicial system, and they are quick to tell they do not."Ha"! ----Have in no uncertain terms debased the judicial system. ---- They have in fact, stopped believing in the due process of the law or for that matter justice years ago, and replaced it with the laws of economics?----- Common believe suggests the law to be a branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation? And so what is that single word I'm looking for---- they are not Authentic. Take for instance the impassioned speech, at the end of the hearing that seeks leniency, the one, that is among many others, just change the name and place and we have a winner. Hypocrisy also has centre stage. Madam Justitia, it's time to step down off your pedestal and replace your statue with the statue of Dolus.
Never been faced to discriminations since 2009 which I arrive to Australia. But been discriminated few times by only from the judges.
I got my jury duty summons. "Turn up by 8:30am". Well the doors were not opened until 8:28am with a long, long line. And it took a while to get through security. So consider the summons time flexible until they work out how not to annoy people doing their civic duty. Doesn't this favour the defence?
Its a compete shambles. Magistrates and lawyers run it like a boys brigade social night. Expect delays, insider jokes, appalling misogynistic treatment of females. Not a proper court and not one fit for purpose
I visited the Downing Centre for Jury Duty. As you walk in the large foyer, you will notice the security check on the left. Just like at the airport, they will put your bags and belongings through an X-ray, while you walk through the scanner.
Great for the JP to sign documents Open Monday to Friday 12pm to 2:30PM
No justice here , magistrate was coaching the complainant during hearing and she got away with perjury , also stopped her from giving evidence about the messages sent from her phone that would prove the accused is innocent..... and the magistrate created evidence to make me look look guilty , the complainant was like ohh he is Palestinian , i said im proud the magistrate asked me to be silent she was using my ethnic Middle eastern background against me so that she can be believed and the .... the complainant lied to police , what a joke of a court i can prove everything i said here I suggest the attorney general should introduce 3 jurors at the magistrate to decide guilt because it seems the magistrate decides guilt based on their own opinion why did you guys delete my comment? i thought people can share their opinion in a democratic country ?
Photogenic old building that is now a courthouse so although it looks good externally it's really an unhappy place on the inside. There's underground access to Museum Station and Hyde Park at corner of Pitt St and Liverpool St, which is good for rainy day access to train station.
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