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Address: 653 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia
State: Victoria
Zip Code: 3058

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This is the worst Islamic school in Melbourne as a parent my child would come home crying everyday complaining about her grade and the people there. She got bashed because she's too ugly? Its an Islamic school teach the kids more respect. The teachers don't do nothing at all except for when your in year 10-12 but they treat the students like they're nothing. There are fights everyday and someone got caught selling weed and drugs. A lot of people vape here and they unlock the toilet doors from outside take photos and post it everywhere there's too many troubles and if your not pretty enough or 'cool' everyone will hate you. Everyone has girlfriends and its an Islamic school for gods sake 2 people made out in the oval at lunch and its revolting seeing young Muslim kids act horribly is terrible I am never sending any of my kids here again.
Main reception staff especially Ms Salma was very rude and needs to be retrained. Her telephone manner is substandard and needs to be improved. This is not my first interaction with her as she has constantly spoken in a condescending manner. It made me feel very uncomfortable and left an unprofessional impression of the school. My recommendation from this experience is to hire more empathic and professional receptionists as they are the first point of contact.
HORRIBLE TEACHERS!! this school is an absolute disgrace to the education system. Children are bullied and teachers care more about colour of children’s socks rather than their education. They employ teachers like Ms Fadia who is completely incompetent and lacks basic etiquette and respect. The office staff are disrespectful and drive people away from the establishment. If you care about your child’s safety and well-being avoid this disgrace of a school at all costs.
Very bad school my daughter was assaulted as a year 6 and badly injured by a bunch of boys and girls for being Somali terrible school the head of the school Michele Shears is blinded to racism and ignores all complaints I regret even bringing my child here all the coordinators are racist and have no care in the world about the coloured students disgusting school I regret even bringing my kids here all these Arabs are racist this is meant to be a Islamic school and this is how the coloured students are treated disgusting fear Allah terrible school never bring your students here all the kids vape do drugs and bring knives to school the hatred I have to this school and the teachers such as The office lady Salma, Michele Shears, Sama Al-ashi, The head with the last name Celik, Gerald Walkey, the coordinator Shahana and Miss Manar, this school is terrible and all my kids have ptsd from this school.
AIA is a disgusting school, and i will always say this, when my kid first joined this school he faced bullying for being Somali, and they said things like big lips fat forehead and many more, after 2 years, i found out he started vaping, when the teacher caught him instead of telling him to stop he joined him, then after 2 months he got forced into a local gang by some of the lebo kids, they proceeded to kill him after three days and i still cant over this, this was a devasting moment for my family, we cant get over this PLEASE KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL
Horrible school will not recommend Aia is a horrible school with bad security which often leads to a break in which happens today on the 21/2/2023 tho overall Teachers often make inappropriate comments about how they dislike their jobs. My kids don’t feel comfortable asking teachers for help because they are not approachable or get negative responses when they have questions. Flat out, this is not a safe thriving environment for kids to learn. If I were not gone to work all day I’d homeschool because of the stress it causes them on a daily basis. Fights and bullying often. There are a few staff that seem to actually care, but it’s not enough to make it a difference overall.
HORRIBLE SCHOOL. The Teachers are biased and accuse black kids and the teachers are blatantly racist and administration is blinded and choose who gets in trouble Mostly black kids The office lady Salma is extremely condescending and disrespectful and represents the school in a very bad light. She is unprofessional and insulting whilst simultaneously speaks in a hostile tone. I strongly recommend everyone to stay away from this school and find a better school! Disgraceful Academy.
SALMA LADY IS DISRESPECTFUL NEEDS TO BE FIRED IM A MOTHER OF 4 who have kids enrolled at aia and it’s horrible the education is trash, Miss shears is blinded by the racism and doesn’t wanna get involved who is gonna get involved if administration doesn’t care?
Great school however reception staff need to learn basic skills of being friendly and polite.
They treated me with a degree of disrespect that you would not believe, until it actually happens to you.
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Reviews, get directions and contact details Australian International Academy - Melbourne.

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