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Address: 20 Bridge St Level 11 , Sydney 2000, NSW, AU
Phone: (02) 9372 2600
State: NSW
City: Sydney
Zip Code: 2000

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We were with Alinta for just on 12 months in 2020/2021. We received an absolutely ridiculous bill, 3x the normal amount. We asked for them to provide an explanation of the meter read.....backwards & forwards & got nowhere. We paid a 3rd of the bill & left to move to RED ENERGY- WHO HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC TO DEAL WITH! Alinta have referred the matter to a debt collector & are threatening to ruin our perfect credit rating! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!! It's extortion & bullying! We don't owe them a cent!
We are very frustrated with the service from Alinta Energy. Our first bill after changing services to Alinta was incorrectly charged and we have tried to contact Alinta for a chat. However, after several attempts including writing a google review, where they have emailed back apologising for lack of communication and providing another email address to forward our complaint to, we still have heard nothing back. No substantial attempt by Alinta has ever been made to understand our complaint and we have been waiting for five months for a reply. Yet they have continued to charge us incorrectly in the next bill. We are generally very patient with customer service enquiries, however, this has been genuinely a very poor experience. There is a clear intention to deceive customers here. Unfortunately, we have made the decision to change energy providers.
DO NOT SIGN UP, FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR!!!!!! This company is beyond a joke. An account was made through third party without any verification of it being me, I am receiving emails about it and said that it was fraudulent and was told that it would be “under investigation” with 0 outcome. They told me they needed a stat dec AFTER they had “cancelled” the “investigation”. I have made a police report and nothing came from it due to the workers not doing their job properly. I have been very respectful towards the staff and was informed that I’m not the first person being harmed by this third party sign up. DO NOT SIGN UP they don’t care about you or that it’s AGAINST THE LAW to have someone’s details on file without consent. I want to also add they have had me on the phone crying multiple times not giving a care in the world. I have been trying to sort this out since June of this year 2022. This is beyond a joke!
The worst experience I have ever had with a Gas/Electric supplier. I have been trying to resolve a gas connection/billing issue for 6-months and have experienced nothing but pain through the process. I have since moved to Energy Australia which has been a great experience, but my short time trying to connect with Alinta Energy 25 days still haunts my inbox and phone with automated messages and debt collection threats over 6-months later. Every time I have tried to engaged with Alinta Energy's customer support team I ended up bouncing around their various departments and ultimately reaching dead ends because their support teams were overloaded with calls or are just unavailable. Ultimately, their automation processes referred my bill to a debt collection agency while they are still trying to resolve the issue which only further highlights their incompetence. I guess this review will also fall on deaf ears like my support calls but it is overwhelmly evident Alinta Energy is doing a terrible job at supporting and retaining customers. I would not recommend this business to anyone. Unfortunately for them they could have resolved the issue in 5-mins and I'd be an advocate. I've now wasted upwards of 8-hours trying to resolve the issue, am no longer a customer and still have no resolution from Alinta about a overdue bill which was never connected.
Dealing with Alinta Energy may just be my villain origin story. Without doubt the WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I have ever had in my life. An issue of a faulty meter raised on April 2022 and 10 months later is still not resolved with Alinta now advising they cannot resolve the issue but hey....your payment is still due. I have spent half a dozen days sitting in my apartment all day long not daring to leave at the risk of missing their designated people with nobody attending. I spent countless hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue. Individually their agents are friendly and seem to genuinely want to resolve the issue but the organisation as a whole has no accountably, poor structures and terrible communication. They defeated me today, they win, They incorrectly billed me on a faulty meter they they were unable to replace in 10 months and will not replace moving forward as I now have a tenant in the property with another provider. I paid the bill.......my spirit was broken, and all I wanted was to never have to speak or deal with such a dreadful organisation ever again. Sign up to Alinta if you'd like a solid dose of stress and anxiety.
Avoid this company at all cost! Had a faulty meter the first month when we joined with Alinta Energy. They notified us that our meter is faulty on 23 Dec 2022 and sent us a greatly overestimated bill, 2-3times more than normal. They refused to come and fix the meter earlier when we requested. Their metering provider, PLUS ES was supposed to come yesterday. But they obviously didn't come and pretended they didn't have the access. Spoken to the customer service, they said the technician didn't have access and he has called us about it. Lies after lies, we didn't receive any calls, and there is always clear access to the meter too. We also talked to the billing department about the overestimated bill. She said they probably can't do anything to correct it. And told us to ask the metering provider what to do instead. How responsible are they!? Shame on you Alinta Energy & Plus ES! Definitely do not recommend Alinta Energy!
Charged me $200 6 months after I cancelled my account because of an error on their end from August last year. This was a nasty surprise and I wish they had charged me correctly last year so I didn't have this unexpected charge now.
Customer Service is, very, bad! Alinta Energy, please check the recording of this call and improve customer service quality. The call ended on 16/03/2023 at around 1:25pm. Customer Support Representative: Emily. I called Alinta Energy, and I told customer support that: I'm the new owner of a property. I want energy and gas bills to be transferred to me, instead of previous owner. And then she kept asking: what is my enquiry, what am I calling for? she got really defensive. she keeps saying: what's the purpose of the call? why calling customer support? I don't think that is a customer support mindset... Isn't customer support meant to listen, and understand that the goal I'm trying to achieve, then explain to me the process?
Not off to a good start. I made the decision to go with them for my gas on the 22nd Dec. I had a meter read on the 10th Jan and assumed this was to move me over. I get a bill from my previous provider mid-Feb and ring them only to find that Alinta has scheduled my cut-over to them on the 10th April - nearly 4 months after me signing up. Why does it take so long? I tried to call their call centre at 10am today but got a message saying it was closed due to scheduled maintenance and that I should call back the next day. Really? You take your call centre out with scheduled maintenance on a week day in the middle of the day? All this from a company that advertises about its local call centre feature. Unimpressed so far. I hope it improves. Update: I dumped them. The call centre person was unhelpful on the way out. Won't deal with them ever again.
Alinta rely on Vector metering for 3 phase connection. Continual cancellations and postponement. Machinery unable to be used after 3 months of continuous postponements. We were than forced to pay for this connection and organise it independently with no re-imbursment from Alinta. I recommend you stay clear of Alinta and look at Origin or Ausgrid for commercial energy supply.
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