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Alfred Hospital
Address: South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
State: Victoria
City: South Yarra
Zip Code: 3141

To the lady working at reception in emergency.nIt hurts that I even have to say this because the respect I have for service workers is endless. But considering the situation everyone is in while waiting in emergency your terrible attitude and energy is most definitely not needed. I completely understand how stressful these jobs can get but when everyone who is waiting is respectful and calm there is absolutely no need to be rude, brash and upright cold shoulder. Emotions are already up in the air and a disgusting attitude certainly doesn’t aid things.
I was admitted for an emergency procedure and during my stay all the nurses were so friendly and so brilliant. My surgery went well and I was pleased with my care here!
Terrible medical system and management. These hospitals are under no supervision. If they ring you, the phone call only last for 3 seconds, if you call them back, they do cut your line after you wait for 45 minutes. They usually book you in 3 days before the appointment without discussion with you, if the time doesn’t suit you, you have to reschedule via phone call, and the new appointment is likely to be a few months later, even though you need urgent treatment. You receive basically no information on every visit, and some doctors just expect to pass you onto the next in their roster, so you have to describe your medical history every single time with them. I’m told this hospital has the top doctors, without doubts, but realistically, you are drawing a prize every time on your visit. The public hospitals are going down down down morally and their efficiency and professionalism of their work is as good as a middle school student doing their English homework.
I have held my comment for years. This hospital is just like some other public hospitals which don't think for their patients. My appointment was postponed from Covid after 2 and half years, and then the speicalist I visited after covid had not even looked at my scans and medical history, and did not even know why I was there. So he booked me in again after a few months. The specialiat could not help me by himself, so he referred me to the doctor from another department. I received my appointment date after a few months again, but they rescheduled my appointment two days before my appointment, without explanation, so I had to cancel my medical leave and reschedule. I know I shouldnt expect to see the same specialist every time in public hoapitals, but at least, the doctors and management should be professional and responsible for their work. I'm in real illness and some damage had been impariable since the previous treatment was delayed. I feel greatly disrespected by these people, ans sorry for all the patients who are looked after in public hospitals.
I’ve worked here. They gave me a job that no one wants to do..nnDisgusting. I’m ashamed that I stayed and endured discrimination as a staff member and patient.nnI hope that I will not have to use them for any service in the future.nnSecurity guards need to be sacked because they were asking me personal questions like a stalker would.nnAppalled and angry. Not a dating site it’s a hospital bless the staff who think that it’s a place to flirt with one another!
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Directions to Alfred Hospital with public transportation

26-Alfred Hospital/Commercial Rd (Prahran) 10 meters
26-Alfred Hospital/Commercial Rd (South Yarra) 10 meters
Alfred Hospital/Commercial Rd (Prahran) 80 meters
Punt Rd/Commercial Rd (South Yarra) 210 meters
27-Punt Rd/Commercial Rd (South Yarra) 230 meters

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