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Aberdeen Auto Auctions
Address: 527 Newcastle St , Perth 6000, WA, AU
Phone: (08) 9328 6277
State: WA
City: Perth
Zip Code: 6000

Opening Hours

Monday: 08:30-17:30
Tuesday: 08:30-17:30
Wednesday: 08:30-17:30
Thursday: 08:30-17:30
Friday: 08:30-17:30
Saturday: 08:30-12:30

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One of most dodgy deal maker in town. They will sell u written off car for full price and no matter how much u ask about missing service history and if car had any other issues that u need to know they will never tell u…they make only shady deals so stay away from them. I bought car and paid full price thinking they are dealer not some shady deal maker on street. I asked them about missing service history while I was making purchase but they didn’t mentioned anything about written off car. I purchased and drove it for a month and then I didn’t want it to so put up for sale…lady came and car was nice and she agreed to purchase and then she did PPSR search and then said car is written off and she can’t pay value we agreed upon. I spoke to this deal via email and he said come to dealership and he will have look at it and what can be done. He took it for a spin n then said he will offer me $5000 and I told him I bought it for $7500 and he said well in 3 months time market went cold and he can’t pay same value. I showed him how much actual car value is by book if it wasn’t written off. He never accepted hiding facts and never apologised nor cared to fix their mistake of selling written off car for full car price..:so it’s clear that they are in business of cheating people by hiding facts. Surely a shady deal maker. Anyone going their to purchase should stay away or make sure to search PPSR before purchase and don’t ever trust their words for what they say as mostly every word will be crafted in lies.
Bought a honda jeep here, had issues with the locking, the head gasket, coolet line, was told by the owner what were you expecting buying a used vehicle, But Worst one was feeling sick and a head ache after a egg line smell CO2 from a battery to small for the car to run off failing, I wonder when it was put in to the car!
Just purchased a Subaru Impreza from these guys for my brothers first ever car. The car had a few electrical problems, tail light etc. They agreed to fix these up and they completed it all in a week, very positive experience as most dealers wouldn’t even bother fixing these problems. Really do appreciate the effort put into doing this for us, different from other dealers. Thanks again guys
Tania D'lima here. I purchased a Holden Cruze from this dealership in December 2021 and every month since purchase we have had to take it back due to mechanical issues. Coolent hose had to be replaced due to leaks causing over heating, rocket gas cover had to be replaced, then battery died on us and had to get replaced. Now the car won't start today 19th April 2022. I have emailed them and got rude emails back from dealership. We were advised the battery wasn't getting charged by the alternator. So we had to pay to get towed back to the dealership which cost over $200. We have spent nearly $1000 on this car we've owed for 4 months. If we had known this car had major mechanical issues we definitely would not have purchased. There were no log books to show last services and no bill breakdowns on what their mechanic had done when we took it back. we hope to save at least one person from buying from this dealership.
Just bought another vehicle from Ab' Autos. I find that the guys are a good team. I feel comfortable around them and they helped me find the right vehicles for my needs. The reason I upgraded is because I wanted even bigger boot space work reasons and other features, but my first car purchased from them a year ago was absolutely great. I had zero issues with it after my initial buyers remorse panic and am sure the next person who purchases it will be very happy. Personally my experience with them has been fair and my next upgrade when it comes to it, will probably be from them again here's hoping. When purchasing a car second hand it can be daunting. Have a fair idea of what you're after and know your budget. The mechanics are quick and helpful at sorting out little issues if required. I'm really glad to be a returning customer.
Pros: Ken was very pleasant to deal with in person. He gave me a generous amount to trade in my old car. Cons: The new car I bought had ongoing issues from the day after I bought it. Misfiring park plugs, which I'd asked to have replaced before purchasing, were instead vacuumed. I replaced them at a $500 expense less than a month later. My engine was overheating constantly. Easily fifteen times in two months. I took it back to the dealer one week after purchasing due to the overheating and they told me there was a blockage which they'd now cleared. The real issue was that the head gasket was blown. This is a $3500+ fix on a $7000 car. Between the sparkplugs and the head gasket I also had to replace a leaking water pump along with a fan belt and timing belt that the leak had damaged. I emailed Ken to express my dismay and received no response. All in all, I would not recommend Aberdeen Auto Auctions.
Had a really good experience buying a car here with my daughter. The staff were friendly and efficient and we got what we agreed was a good deal on the car we purchased for her car. To date, we have been very satisfied with the experience. You should consider this as a good place to pick up a decent cheap car.
Do not buy a car from here. They sold me a car that had many problems including wiring that were bitten off by rats or mice from previous owner, engine would constantly heat up, leaks in the engine, check engine light constantly on and just too many to list. We came back in after a week and they got it fixed but 2 weeks later it just started acting up again. It has already taken me 5 grand to fix some of it and maybe another 7 grand to fix everything else thats broken. They did not care at all to put in their advertisement that there were problems with the car? I saw in the other reviews that people were also experiencing this. This place should be sued for false advertising. I have been and will continue to tell people to avoid buying from this place.
I bought a car from there a few days ago with my mother in law. Absolutely amazing service he went above and beyond to show me all the details about the car he was so kind and understanding and listened to all my questions. Only a couple small things wrong with the car which are nothing to complain about.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL! The workers were really nice, but it did become a problem when I wasn’t get answers. At first they were really kind and nice, and told me there was no problems with my car. After the car was delivered to be driven down to me, they never responded back to me. I made the mistake of buying from here, and not seeing my car in person first. My car was listed with full service history, and no problems. The service history turned out to be a lie. I have had to replace and buy so many things already, and will continue to do so. The state of this car was absolutely awful. Wasn’t even cleaned inside. Honestly was like a dump inside, and has different bad quality coloured paint on the boot and front of the car. Please be carful when buying a car from here. Don’t make the same mistake as me.
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